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We offer a pedagogical program for professionals and students of performing arts interested in the theatrical mask and also for those who wish to start or deepen in the universe of theater.

Masked theater
Iniciação teatral
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Masked theater

O Centro de Pesquisa da Máscara oferece uma gama de cursos para quem deseja experimentar a linguagem do teatro de máscaras ou uma formação artística completa desta vertente teatral.

São cursos de curta e longa duração onde os alunos aprendem história, conceitos fundamentais do teatro de máscaras e experimentam as técnicas de interpretação para os diferentes tipos de máscara teatral.

Formation through mask – night classes Formation through mask – night classes

Formation through mask – night classes

Designed for students and artists, this course covers techniques of interpretation and body play with neutral masks, expressive, larval, human comedy and Commedia dell’Arte, as well as techniques for making masks. The course wraps up with a sample of the result of the work elaborated along the modules.

III Leather Mask making and creating III Leather Mask making and creating
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III Leather Mask making and creating


The focus of this course is the in-depth study of the mask in human life and theater, given from the historical and theoretical understanding of the experience of the complete masking process until its use on stage. The course covers two techniques of making: cartapesta and leather. The program balances theory and practice and concludes with a show that connects all learning to the course path.