Fernando Martins

Founder and artistic and pedagogical director of the Mask Research Center.
Graduated in philosophy with the project entitled “The Mask Sense: Aesthetics of Representation and Reformed Reality”, he has been continuously developing researches with theater masks in Brazil and abroad, mainly in Italy, where he studied with the masks sculptors Donato Sartori and Paolo Trombetta the Maschere Center and Strutture Gestuali (Italy). With Antonio Fava he studied Commedia dell’arte at the Stage Internazionale di Commedia dell’Arte and at the Scuola Internazionale dell’Attore Comico. With Fabio Mangolini from Teatro di Ferrara (Italy) he participated in the Internazionale di Commedia dell’Arte. Among other masters she has studied with is Ana Vasques de Castro (Spain), Enrico Bonavera and Giorgio Bongiovanni (Italy), Floreana Fassetto (Switzerland), Carlos Garcia (France), Pascale Lecoq (France) and Dario Fo (Italy).

In addition to research and teaching activities that are directly linked to theatrical masks, especially in the tradition of the Commedia dell’arte, Fernando Martins has sought other tools for his work, ranging from studies carried out with the Dutch clown Ted Keijser to the deepening of the corporal mimicry with Marise Flach (Italy). He also presents practical academic works related to theatrical masters by national and international congresses, such as the XVII International Congress of Iberoamerican and Argentinean Theater in Buenos Aires, among others. There are already workshops and laboratories in important Brazilian institutions (USP, UNICAMP, ELT, Doutores da Alegria, Jundiai Theater Company, Usina das Artes, among others) and foreign companies (Dell’Arte International, Bogota Theater Festival, Accademia Toscana, among others). He creates and manufactures leather masks for actors and theater schools in Brazil, Italy, Japan, the United States and Germany.