Formation through mask – night classes

Formation through mask – night classes

The trajectory will pass through the analysis of movement, neutral mask, larval, expressive, elements of creation and confection of the mask, human comedy, solo acrobatics, fights, madrigal singing and commedia dell’arte.

From February 22th to December 11th, 2018

Hours: Tuesday to Thursday from 19:00 pm until 22:00 pm

Where: Centro de Pesquisa da Máscara

Address: Rua Bamboré 518, neighborhood: Ipiranga, City: São Paulo – SP

Investment: R$ 180 + 09 monthly payment of R$ 380,00 or R$ 3.240,00 cash (receive 10% off)

20 spots

About the program

200 hours


Fernando Martins

Target audience

Theater students; actors; dancers; clowns; performers.

Course purpose

Formation through the Mask is an extensive course that seeks to offer the scene artists a pedagogical line based on the universe of theatrical mask as well as establish a dialogue with the main currents of the gestural theater, such as Jacques Lecoq, Étienne Decroux and the Italian School. The main focus of this Formation is the appropriation of techniques of mask and its use on the scene, giving light to an autonomous creative agent, with mastery of his own means and therefore being able to relate critically and aesthetically to today’s world.

This process begins with the neutral mask, enhancing its presence and introducing the conventions of communicability of the mask itself. On the other hand, the larval mask allows students to experiment in the territories of abstraction of the geometric form, the elements of nature and animal metamorphosis. The relationship between the morphology of the mask, the character and the human passions are worked through an expressive mask, which allows the creation of narratives based on the contrast of mask and counter mask. Human comedy proposes a genuine and creative experience as students may create, design, and actually make their own masks. The course gains depth due to the fact of dramaturgy being constructed on an orality level. Finally, the masks of the commedia dell’arte seek to fully develop the abilities of actors in the ambit of staging. It will be approached the types gestural models through schemes of individual and collective improvisations, interpretation of the lines and depths of the mask, creation of lazzi and understanding of canovaccio.

Through these essentially practical proposals, it is sought to establish a training routine using a series of complementary disciplines that contribute to the performance of the mask game, such as: body mime, pantomime, elements of acrobatics, fights, music, etc. .
The last stage of the course is dedicated to the creation of dramaturgical and to the research that will come naturally from the instigation carried out throughout the process, culminating in a show that will take place at the Centro de Pesquisa da Máscara.


MODULE I – Analysis of Movement and Neutral Mask (from February 26th to April 9th)

  • Coded movement routine: stretching, warming up and muscle strengthening.
  • Spinal joints.
  • Segmentation of joints: the contribution of Decroux grammar.
  • Movement qualities: dynamics, rhythm and weight.
  • Neutral Mask.

MODULE II – The Gesture and Mask Larvária (from April 16th to May 16th)

  • Forms and movement.
  • Dynamics of the subject
  • Nature and movement.
  • Animal and animal body.
  • Variation of column axes
  • Fundamentals of communicability with the Larva Mask.
  • Narrative and Mask Larva.
  • Improvisations with Larva Masks.

MODULE III – The Space, the Game and the Expressive Mask (from May 23rd to June 27th)

  • The system of strength.
  • Vectors of physical construction.
  • Lines and planes of the mask.
  • Passions and character.
  • The feeling and its opposite: mask and counter-mask.
  • Dilation of movement in space.
  • Dramaturgy of silence.
  • Improvisation with an expressive mask.
  • Creating scenes with an expressive mask.

MODULE IV – Mask Making and the Human Comedy (from August 01st to September 12th)

  • Character analysis.
  • Mask making project.
  • Mold and counter mold.
  • Sculpture.
  • Papvadagem.
  • Painting and Skating.
  • The set of created masks.
  • Topic vs. situation.
  • Mask and text
  • The voice of mask
  • Creating scenes.

MODULE V – Coding Gestual and Commedia dell’Arte (from September 17th to October 24th)

  • Historical-anthropological bases of the formation of the archetypes: the mask’s worldview.
  • Gestural models: Zanni, Arlecchino, Brighella, Pulcinella, Pantalone, Dottore, Capitano, Enamorados.
  • The commedia system.
  • Contrast scenes: relationships between archetypes.
  • Chorus formation: the design of the masks in space and the artifice of the effect.
  • Interdisciplinary foundations: fights, acrobatics and madrigal singing.
  • Improvisation as a method.

MODULE VI – Dramaturgy of the Mask (from October 29th to December 11th)

  • The Lazzo and the specialization of the mask.
  • The Canovaccio and authorial dramaturgy.
  • Political issues of the satire of the commedia dell’arte and its updates.
  • Reminiscence on the dramaturgy of silence.
  • Scenic experiments.
  • Scene creation..
  • Scenario making.
  • Final show (07,08 e 09/12)
  • Class conclusion (11/12)

R$ 180,00 + 09 monthly payments of R $ 380.00 or R $ 3.240.00 cash (10% of discount)

NOTE:. Your spot will only be guaranteed by paying the total program fee (R $ 3.240,00) or the first (R $ 180,00) by bank transfer or in person at the Centro de Pesquisa da Máscara.

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