Mask Research Center

Created in 2010 and with its headquarters founded in 2016 in the city of São Paulo, the company carries out intense research around the theatrical mask, creating its own collection, creating shows that explore the specific possibilities of this language and developing courses focused on this subject

Acervo de máscaras


The Mask Research Center aims to research, disseminate and experience the use of theatrical mask as a powerful instrument of expression and communication.

The scope of the research is carried out by the company within three segments: the making of masks, the daily training of specific acting techniques for this language and the creation of spectacles within this same universe.
Already the diffusion of this research and the techniques for the use of the most different masks happens in the sphere of the school, that aims at the initiation and the formation of the actor through the mask.

We start from the traces left by the great masters both in the confection and the use of masks on the scene, until arriving at a methodology based on the research and experimentation of the company

Donato Sartori

From the precepts and studies realized in the direct contact with the master Donato Sartori in Padova in Italy that the masks used by the company are created and made.

Jacques Lecoq

On the way to the use of the mask until the scenic creation, we follow different aspects that range from Jacques Lecoq’s proposal of the mask as inductor of the formation of the actor (journey that begins in the neutral mask and reaches the clown)

Commedia dell'Arte

Considerations of Italian masters who drink mainly of historical documents and have the Commedia dell’Arte as specific focus of work with the mask.


The experimentation of the mask in scene is realized and potentiated by the contact with the public, because only through the view of the spectator is that the aesthetic experience of this artistic language is completed.

Alvorada Alvorada



Alvorada portrays human relationships through an intimate and delicate account of the story of a couple, in everyday situations, throughout a lifetime.

Exhibition Theatrical Mask – From Confection to Usage Exhibition Theatrical Mask – From Confection to Usage

Exhibition Theatrical Mask – From Confection to Usage


The Centro de Pesquisa da Máscara held an unprecedented exhibition of the collection of masks created by the company.


Our collection of over 80 masks reflects the research, teaching and application trajectory of the company’s mask theater.

Neutral Mask Neutral Mask

Neutral Mask

The Neutral Mask is the starting point. The mask of all the masks.

Larvarias Mask Larvarias Mask

Larvarias Mask

With their large dimensions, white color and abstract features, they allow a behavior that explores the animal body.

Expressive Masks Expressive Masks

Expressive Masks

Expressive Masks, in addition to synthesizing traits of expression, also describe a wide range of human feelings that define the character of each one of them.

Masks of Commedia dell’Arte Masks of Commedia dell’Arte

Masks of Commedia dell’Arte

Here you may see masks of all types of commedia: Zanni, Arlecchino, Brighella, Pulcinella, Pantalone, Dottore and Capitano.


Fernando Martins and Aline Grisa are the creators and original members of the Mask Research Center. The company is also integrated by Felipe De Galisteo and counts on the artistic collaboration of other professionals.

Meet the team
Aline Grisa

Aline Grisa

Fernando Martins

Fernando Martins

Felipe De Galisteo

Felipe De Galisteo